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Your Health Record on a Portable Memory Card

Use the eMedica Card to record and manage important medical information including allergies, medications and current health conditions. While all of your data is encrypted on the card, an emergency medical summary is available to anyone who finds your card.

  • Includes 8GB of onboard storage

  • All the software you need is already on the card

  • Connects to your PC or laptop using a USB flip-out connector

Emergency Medical Information

Peace of mind for the whole family. Emergency medical information is available to first responders when you need it most.

Not on the “Cloud”

Your medical records are kept safe and secure on your eMedica Card. The data backup feature is optional and uses eMedica’s private secure server which is never on the “Cloud”.

Easy to Use

Your eMedica card is a completely portable health information solution. Every card is preloaded with eMedica’s personal health record software. The software loads right off of your card. No Internet connection required. Plug your eMedica card into any PC or laptop computer using a flip-out USB connector.

Perfect for Travel

Take your entire medical record with you when you travel. The credit card-sized eMedica Card easily fits in your wallet or purse.

Secure Login and Encrypted Data

Your information is protected using industry standard encryption methods. Use your secure login to access your personal health record.

Track Prescriptions and Medications

Track past and present medications and supplements.

Allergies & Sensitivities

List drug, food, and other allergies. They will appear on your emergency summary report for first responders.

Current Medical Conditions

Keep an up-to-date record of any medical conditions and include family history.

Medical History

Create and maintain an accurate medical history for yourself or someone in your care. Attach relevant files such as lab test results, X-rays and CT scans.

Advance Directives

Declare advance directives such as Do Not Resuscitate or a Living Will as part of your personal health record. Attach any number of documents to each directive. Let your personal health record speak for you when you are unable to.

Immunization History

Keep a record of immunizations you or someone you care for has received.

Medical Coverage

Provide medical coverage and insurance information may be included as part of your personal health record.

Travel History

Track your travel history over world regions and different countries.

Important Contacts

Store a list of important contacts such as family members, emergency contacts, your family doctor, medical coverage contacts, etc.

Care Team

Define a care team which represents the network of people who care for you.

Lost your card? No problem!

Backup and recover your data easily and securely. Plan members have the option of backing up and restoring their data from eMedica’s private secure server.

All of the features above are included with every eMedica Card. Check out our plans and pricing and get started today!

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