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About eMedica
About eMedica

eMedica developed the personal health record card and accompanying software as a result of a colleague becoming gravely ill after receiving the wrong medical treatment when she was admitted to Emergency. She had no medical history in California and, as is often the case, Emergency physicians made their best guess at the most appropriate treatment when confronted with such a situation. Medical treatment errors can be minimized, if not prevented when a patient presents with their personal medical history readily available and accessible. By some estimates, medical error (mainly in hospitals) is the third leading cause of death in North America, and especially in the USA. The eMedica team set out to develop a simple, portable and inexpensive solution that would give everyone the ability to collect and carry their own health records with them anywhere, any time.

Leadership Team
Leadership team

The eMedica team draws upon years of leadership experience in the fields of medical technology and in growing new businesses. The company’s medical advisors have international experience and are hands-on with their own practices in Canada and the USA. Other members of the team include engineers, registered nurses (RN's) and LPN’s backed by software developers with over 60 years combined experience in healthcare system software. Please click on the links below to find out more about our key team members.

Gail Gabel

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Gail Gabel has had a distinguished career in technology based business in Canada and Europe, holding CEO and Managing Director positions in both private and public companies. She has held several high profile appointments to Federal and Provincial  Boards and Not-for-Profit organisations.  Her interest and experience in developing new technologies has included instrumentation for data acquisition in  medical rehabilitation, and various environmental applications involving water management.

Products and services developed under her corporate  leadership have been exported to over 40 countries.  She holds two technology patents for devices which have been successfully commercialized. Ms Gabel's formal training in Australia in Law led to further studies in business and commerce. Ms. Gabel's personal interests include mentoring young entrepreneurs, community service, ancient & medieval history, languages and travel.

Dr. James Dillard

Chief Medical Officer​

Dr. James Dillard is a medical physician pain specialist, and a fully-trained acupuncturist, chiropractor, nutritional expert, mind/body teacher and established the model for integrative pain medicine nationally. He has been an active contributor in steering eMedica's product development.  Dr. Dillard served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons for 14 years, and as the Medical Director of Columbia's widely-respected Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, one of the nation's first academic centers to study alternative medicine. Dr. Dillard has been widely published, both in print and on the World Wide Web. His most recent book, The Chronic Pain Solution is a comprehensive guide on how to integrate the best of conventional and alternative medicine for chronic pain.

He was the founding medical director for the complementary and alternative medicine program at Oxford Health Plans, Inc., and was instrumental to the design, development and execution of the alternative medicine program, introduced in January 1997, which made Oxford the first managed care organization in the country to offer an alternative medicine program.  Dr. Dillard is included in New York Magazine's prestigious listing of New York's Best Doctors for 2007 through 2011. He is now in private practice in Manhattan, and in East Hampton, NY.

Howard Dixon

Chairman of the Board​

Mr. Dixon is an experienced corporate manager and has held Board positions in both public and private technology based companies. He has successfully operated his own consulting business for over 25 years after a career change that qualified him as a Registered Financial Planner. His earlier career as an educator in both Canada and the UK culminated in his appointment as the Head of Queen Margaret's School, an exclusive independent school located in Duncan, British Columbia.

He currently lectures at the University of Victoria in the Business School. He was trained in the UK and holds an Honours degree in Physics and Mathematics from King's College London and a Certificate of Education from Cambridge University.  His personal interests include restoring classic automobiles, golf, cricket and fly fishing.

Simon Rose

Vice President Business Development

Simon Rose is leading business development initiatives at eMedica.  One of the stunning things he found upon joining the organization occurred when telling people what eMedica does - everyone has had an instance where the eMedica card would have saved people time, money or aggravation when dealing with healthcare bureaucracy.

Simon has been an executive in a boutique resort group and consulted in a wide range of industries including market-entry and customer service.   He is a graduate of the MBA program at the Gustavson School of Business and continues to be involved with the business school.

Personal interests include traveling with his wife and young son, playing soccer and improving his Spanish. He is thrilled to be part of eMedica as he firmly believes in the value that the eMedica card will add to people's lives.

Dr. Margaret Kavanagh

Board Director

Margaret Kavanagh retired from the Canadian Forces in 2007 after 32 years of service as a military physician and leader in the Canadian Forces Health Services.  In addition to her M.D. she has a B.A. in physical education and M.Sc. in exercise physiology. 

She served in seven different geographic locations in Canada, in Lahr Germany, and in Bahrain during the 1990 Persian Gulf Conflict.  Throughout her career her duties have included clinical general practice, operational medicine in the land, sea and air environments, human physiology research, and culminated in management and leadership of the Canadian Forces Health Services.  Dr.  Kavanagh also did oversee the early implementation of electronic health records in the Canadian Armed Forces.

In 1981 she was the first woman to serve at sea in HMCS CORMORANT as the ship’s diving medical officer and she had the honour and privilege to command two army operational medical units.  On attaining the rank of Commodore in 2005, Dr. Kavanagh was appointed Director General of Health Services, taking command of Canadian Forces Health Services Group.

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Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles

We genuinely care about you and your family.  Our products and services will positively impact the healthcare experience (and lives!) of everyone involved with the eMedica community.


We believe individuals have the right to manage their own medical record. 

We will balance keeping people’s private information 100% private and being innovative to deliver a valued, efficient and helpful solution for people who buy our products. 


Our products and services will be easy to use and will actually do what we promise they will do.

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