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Designed with Individuals in mind, the eMedica card helps people live healthier lives by giving them control over their own health information and a means to organize it!

HealthCare Workers

We've worked with healthcare professionals across North America to make the eMedica card better. With the card, it is now easier for healthcare professionals to: 

  • Access a patient's complete medical history

  • Read information in a summary consistent with familiar and standard paper intake forms

  • Input new information to update a patient's card

  • View other care program information in which a patient may be involved

Insurance Companies

We help insurance companies minimize their risk through access to clients information. Our card helps insurance companies: 

  • Validate client responses on application forms and summaries

  • Better assess risk through the availability of a comprehensive medical record

  • Assess potential pre-existing conditions that impact  policy issue decision-making

  • Issue a travel insurance product that allows appropriate care when the insured person is out of the country

Businesses and Corporations

Employee health has a big impact on the bottom line.  Some of the benefits to corporations who provide employees with an eMedica Card include: 

  • Providing a tangible employee benefit which can extend beyond the work site

  • Using the health information on the eMedica card as a tool to assist certain personnel evaluations, especially in occupations with physical demands or requiring specific skills

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