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Your Health in Your Hands


Be in control of your own personal health record. The eMedica card ensures safe, secure management of your health information. Just imagine your entire medical record in your wallet!

An emergency medical summary is available to anyone who finds your eMedica Card. This was designed with first responders in mind, but could be helpful in many different circumstances. 


All of your patient data are safely encrypted on a portable memory card that only you will carry. Connect it to any computer using its flip-out USB connector.


All of the software you need is already on your eMedica Card. Start entering data right away. Attach reports and pictures. Take your card with you wherever you go.

The eMedica Card in 30 Seconds

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Send any questions or comments you have about the eMedica Card and how it could help you or members of your family. We'll be sure to get back to you, we promise!

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